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'Gran Turismo 7' Is Being Review Bombed Following "Pay-To-Win" Update

'Gran Turismo 7' Is Being Review Bombed Following "Pay-To-Win" Update

Turns out people don't like it when you make your game actively worse. Who knew?

Due to all the buzz surrounding Elden Ring you may have missed another AAA title slip out in March.

Gran Turismo 7 slid into Spring slightly under the radar, but by all accounts people thought it was pretty good. In our eight out of ten review we praised GT7 saying "It serves as both a perfect first experience for new racers, and a welcome homecoming for those who have been away for a while."

Those who want to see what we liked about the game can check out some gameplay in the footage here.

Sadly, it couldn't all stay sunshine and rainbows. In a move that is frankly baffling for good will, Polyphony decided to insert microtransactions into the game not long after reviews went out. Not only this, but the studio performed the double-whammy of decreasing rewards from races at the same time. This means those who want the best vehicles have to either grind races for literal days or spend a real world $40 to unlock each of them.

Fans have not taken this decision lying down. On the review aggregate site metacritic, players have made sure Polyphony know exactly what they think. With over 2000 user reviews, GT7 currently sits at a rating of 3.7 out of ten. Ouch! The players sum up the issues better than I ever could so here's my round up of some of the best user comments.

"To add insult to injury they (Polyphony) simultaneously added some changes to the game: mainly scaling back the credits you can win by racing! Why you may ask? Of course to push their f**king microtransactions! I paid 100 euros and now they try to lure me in to buy credits to buy those higher end cars? Wow, really disappointing."

"It’s really unacceptable of Polyphony to make changes to the amount of credits being given for races when they also sell in-game money. It’s just as scummy that they made the game have to connect online and then the servers are down for most of a day."

"This is an 80 euro game that has micro-transactions like if it is a free-to-play. This is a Sony first party exclusive game! It is not Candy Crush! The microtransactions are insulting!"

Here's hoping that Polyphony, and other companies who want to squeeze more money from their full price games, listen to the feedback. 

Featured Image Credit: Polyphony

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