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God Of War Ragnarök director purposefully gave Heimdall a super 'punchable' face

God Of War Ragnarök director purposefully gave Heimdall a super 'punchable' face

God Of War Ragnarök director Eric Williams said Heimdall was designed so that he had a "punchable" face.

Given that God Of War Ragnarök has been out for over a month, I’m guessing that most of you probably will have punched Heimdall in the face by now. Good for you. The truth is, to progress with God Of War Ragnarök’s story you’re going to have to punch him and yet, the character’s face was designed so that you’d actually want to.

I’d imagine that Sony is thrilled with the reception to God Of War Ragnarök. Santa Monica Studios’ latest title won six accolades at this year’s Game Awards including best narrative, best game design and best performance for Christopher Judge as ‘Kratos.’ It may not have won the coveted GOTY award, but it did over here at GAMINGbible - topping our team’s list. If an award for ‘most punchable villain’ existed, director Eric Williams definitely wanted to ensure that Heimdall would win it.

Why don’t we take a second to relive God Of War Ragnarök’s incredible opening boss fight? Go on, you know you want to.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Williams revealed that plenty of thought was put into making Heimdall as unbearable as possible. “He’s an amalgamation of everything people don’t like about people, but there’s a reason behind it. He can read people’s intentions. Imagine what that would do to you,” he explained. “You could actually read why they don’t like you and you would just be disgusted by it. He’s just a jerk. We gave him the most punchable face you’ve ever seen.”

They succeeded in their goals. I certainly disliked Heimdall, although I can’t say it was his face that got to me. It was chasing him around for an eternity whilst failing to land a hit that truly filled up my own Spartan Rage metre.

God of War fans have a new project to look forward to as Amazon Prime have officially given the greenlight for a God of War TV series. The project was previously rumoured to be in development but Amazon have confirmed that they’re moving ahead - and it’ll be based on the Norse Saga. Already, Freya actress Danielle Bisutti and Atreus actor Sunny Suljić have expressed interest in reprising their roles - which is something I think we’d all be happy to see.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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