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God Of War: David Harbour wants to star in the next game

God Of War: David Harbour wants to star in the next game

Stranger Things star David Harbour has expressed interest in appearing in the God of War series after checking out Ragnarök.

We’re just hours away from this year’s The Game Awards, which means we’ll soon find out if God Of War Ragnarök will take home the coveted Game of the Year trophy. We’d assume it’s between that and Elden Ring, but you never know. Maybe we’ll have a rogue winner. In recent days, God Of War Ragnarök has been subject to a slew of review bombing but I shouldn’t imagine that the folks over at Santa Monica Studio are too worried about it.

God Of War Ragnarök has officially had the most successful PlayStation first-party launch of all-time - and it’s easy to see why. In our review, Ewan called the game “an instant PlayStation classic” and I quite agree that the game’s side quests are among some of the best I’ve ever played. In fact, God Of War Ragnarök has also got some famous fans including Stranger Things actor David Harbour who wants to be a part of the next game.

Take a look at Ragnarök’s opening boss fight below.

It’s no secret that Harbour, best known for playing Hopper in Stranger Things, is a fan of video games. It’s something he talks about often, but in a recent interview with Video Games FN, Harbour confessed that he was very impressed by God Of War Ragnarök and would love to be a part of a project like that.

He said, “I really like what those guys in the God of War universe are doing with my buddy Richard Schiff as Odin. They sort of mess around with that genre too, and they're always surprising in terms of these gods and they wind up becoming [different than expected] - Thor is a big old jerk and Odin being this kind of older intellectual. I'd be interested in possibly doing some of that.”

Harbour also revealed that he is actually set to star in a video game very soon. The actor will appear in the project opposite Killing Eve actress Jodie Comer. He teased that the horror project was due out next year. Hm, intriguing.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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