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Gmail Users At Risk From North Korean Hackers Using "Never Before Seen" Tools

Gmail Users At Risk From North Korean Hackers Using "Never Before Seen" Tools

The hack reportedly downloads malware onto your PC without your knowledge.

There’s nothing quite like the panic that runs through you when you think an account has been hacked, but it’s an increasingly common feeling. Hackers are everywhere. Earlier this year, tech experts attempted to track down a 16-year-old after they managed to hack Nvidia, Microsoft and Ubisoft. Nintendo recently sent one hacker to prison but now, it’s regular ol’ Gmail users that reportedly need to be wary.

Take a look at the moment one of Call of Duty: Warzone's hackers was exposed.

According to cybersecurity firm Volexity, North Korean hackers may be using simple browser extensions to gain access to Gmail accounts. Usually, hackers try to trick account owners with ‘spear phishing techniques’ which encourage users to download malware. This latest hack though can download malware onto your PC without you knowing.

The malware is thought to only affect Windows users and is known as SharpTongue. Volexity is tracking the hack and believe a group or individual known online as Kimsuky is behind it. Volexity claims that the malware may have North Korean origins. It’s thought that the malware is attacking users in the US, Europe and South Korea.

The extension which can be downloaded via Chrome or Microsoft Edge is referred to as SHARPEST. The malware is thought to be able to browse a user's email account, as opposed to simply stealing the username and password. Here’s your daily reminder that security software is important folks.

Featured Image Credit: Stephen Phillips, Solen Feyissa via UnSplash

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