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Ghost of Tsushima meets Bloodborne in epic upcoming RPG showcased at Summer Game Fest

Ghost of Tsushima meets Bloodborne in epic upcoming RPG showcased at Summer Game Fest

Phantom Blade Zero was the final game at the showcase

Phantom Blade Zero has received a new trailer during Summer Game Fest 2024.

As noted in an official PlayStation blog post by founder and CEO of S-Game, Soulframe Liang, the game initially started off as an indie game that was developed in RPG maker in 2010. That grew and became something a lot bigger, however, with the official synopsis below:

“In Phantom Blade Zero, you’re Soul, an elite assassin serving an elusive but powerful organisation known simply as ‘The Order’. He was framed for the murder of The Order’s patriach and gravely injured in the manhunt that ensued. A mystic healer managed to save him from death, but makeshift cure only lasts for 66 days. He must find out the mastermind behind it all before his time runs out, against powerful foes and inhuman monstrosities.” The game will also be taking place in a semi-open world environment, made up of multiple different maps rather than a massive seamless world.

In addition to this, the developer offered up an indication of what type of inspirations he took for the game, with Kung Fu representations in movies such as Everything Everywhere All At Once providing a great deal of inspiration to the developer.

Take a look at the game in action below.

Phantom Blade Zero was first revealed last year during a PlayStation Showcase, and this is the clearest look we’ve had at gameplay since then. Previews for the game will be going live over the course of the next week, with media getting their hands on the game over the course of the Summer Game Fest weekend.

It’s also important to note that currently there’s no real indication that anybody who isn’t press will be getting their hands on a demo in the next year or so, and we also don’t have any indication of a release date for the game itself, which suggests it could be some ways away.

Featured Image Credit: Cruel Man Studio

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