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Ghost Recon meets Call Of Duty in gorgeous new FPS dropping soon

Ghost Recon meets Call Of Duty in gorgeous new FPS dropping soon

Open-world military warfare

One could argue that there are too many military simulators on the market, however, after seeing the footage for Gray Zone Warfare, we think it’s fine if there’s one more. There’s a huge focus on realism here and it shows. The screenshots may just be footage of men with guns, but the fidelity and detail is astounding.

Let’s set up what we’re seeing here; “Following a mysterious event that took place on an island in Southeast Asia, the entire area has been put under international quarantine. With almost all the civilian population evacuated by the United Nations, three PMCs are tasked by their enigmatic clients to explore the region, uncover its secrets, and bring back anything of value.”

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Essentially, Gray Zone Warfare is a mashup of several games, but given the focus on highly customisable weapons, gear and loadouts, the largest inspiration is likely Escape from Tarkov which still wears the crown for this kind of military shooter.

Of course, we can’t ignore the hints of Ghost Recon in the co-op squad options that let you play with your friends; and there’s always a dash of Call of Duty when it comes to games like these. If you want your shooters packed with realism, that’s what you’re getting here. For example, there’s no overall health bar as we’d see in most shooters, instead the body is broken down into limbs and sections - if you get your leg blown out, you’re going to struggle to move until you heal it with lifelike field supplies.

As a huge fan of Escape from Tarkov myself, seeing this gives me hope for the genre. The open-world the developers have created looks sumptuous and lush, while still appearing dangerous, and it is apparently huge, too. There’s bound to be a lot to discover and explore and I can’t wait to get my hands on Gray Zone Warfare.

Featured Image Credit: Madfinger games

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