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Ghost Of Tsushima 2 PS5 teaser update leaves fans disappointed

Ghost Of Tsushima 2 PS5 teaser update leaves fans disappointed

The highly anticipated sequel to Ghost of Tsushima won't be shown off at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase, according to an insider.

Ghost of Tsushima is one of those games that feels pretty much guaranteed to get a sequel, even though developer Sucker Punch Productions is yet to reveal that one is happening.

The gorgeous 2020 action-adventure title continues to receive praise from fans, particularly for its stunning visuals - some believe that it might have the most beautiful video game world of all time, and looking at it, it’s not hard to see why. With around 10 million copies sold and a live-action film adaptation in the works (potentially an anime series, too), it seems like it’s only a matter of time before the next game in the series is revealed.

Take a look at the trailer for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut below.

Sadly though, it sounds like we could be waiting a while for it to happen. Speaking on his weekly Game Mess podcast, industry insider Jeff Grubb claimed to have heard that two highly anticipated games won’t be featured in the upcoming PlayStation Showcase, and - you guessed it - one of those is Ghost of Tsushima 2.

“Real quick, moving back to PlayStation Showcase, I might have just sniffed out two things that won’t be there, if that helps anybody,” Grubb said. “It doesn’t sound like Ghost of Tsushima 2 will be there. It sounds like it probably won’t be there.

“And the other one is - and I covered this a few weeks ago - Dragon Age [Dreadwolf] probably won’t be there either,” he continued. “Remember, the last time I talked about that game, I was saying it’ll be later this year at the earliest, well now we can say for sure that that’s not the earliest anymore. I think I’ve been saying that for a while, but definitely, that’s not coming out until summer of next year at the earliest now.”

If that's true, it’s rather unfortunate, but PlayStation fans still have a lot of other games to look forward to - I’m personally praying that we’ll finally get a gameplay reveal for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. As for the potential Ghost of Tsushima sequel, it sounds like we’ll just have to be patient for now.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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