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'Simpsons: Hit And Run' Unreal Engine 5 Remake Shot Down By Lawyers

'Simpsons: Hit And Run' Unreal Engine 5 Remake Shot Down By Lawyers


Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

The Simpsons: Hit & Run remaster is one of the most sought-after releases in gaming, so much so that individuals have taken it upon themselves to bring it into being. Sadly, the playable Unreal Engine 5 remake of the action-adventure has been subjected to a takedown.

According to a survey, gamers are champing at the bit for The Simpsons Hit & Run to return for more modern consoles. It triumphed over other titles like Bully, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Metal Gear Solid and, just like The Simpsons Game, it earned a spot in countless childhoods across the world. So, with all of this in mind, there's one disheartening reason why there hasn't been a fully fledged remake or remaster in more than a decade.

"I would love to see a remastered version of [The Simpsons Hit & Run], I would," said Matt Selman, one of the producers and writers of The Simpsons, in an interview. "It's a complicated corporate octopus to try to make that happen." With an answer like that, it's no wonder that developer reubs took up the baton and made the game in Unreal Engine 5 in just a week.

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The results were really something and there was even a playable version of the project for fans to visit the sights and sounds of Springfield once again. One of the designers on the original Hit & Run dropped by to say that it was "amazing" and "really gives a taste of what a full modern remaster could be." That just might have been the issue that led to the demo's fate.

This game is now no longer available "due to copyright concerns," explained reubs. Details are light on the ground and the developer hasn't specified just what caused the copyright concerns. However, a similar situation happened to the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Vice City remastered mods after the publisher felt that these projects would have "threatened the economy" of the company.

Recently, the source code for the game has been leaked online, which is the very definition of "fortuitous timing." With this, developers, modders and fans could take the original files for the game and create a remaster independently. Let's wait and see how things pan out, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Radical Entertainment, reubs via YouTube

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