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Xbox update 'finally' rolling out feature we've wanted for years

Xbox update 'finally' rolling out feature we've wanted for years

Users appreciate this quality-of-life update from Xbox

Although new consoles are always shiny and tempting, sometimes you just need to improve the current ones and that is what Microsoft are seemingly working on for its Xbox units.

Reported by The Verge’s Tom Warren, Microsoft is reportedly testing out the ability for Xbox consoles to remember multiple Wi-Fi networks. This new Xbox dashboard feature will make it easier to switch between networks on the go.

Could Xbox be planning a handheld similar to the Steam Deck?

The feature can be accessed via Network Settings > Manage Wireless Networks > Set Up Wireless Network.

Once here, you will be able to search for Wi-Fi signals and the new feature will allow you to “remember” a network. This will make switching a lot easier as passwords can be stored and not have to be re-entered each time you use a new Wi-Fi connection.

As mentioned, this new Xbox feature will be useful if you take your console away from home. Additionally, one Reddit user over on r/XboxSeriesX believes Microsoft may be adding this feature ahead of an Xbox handheld device.

“A real stretch, but I wonder if they're finally adding this because there's a handheld in the works that would of course be very frustrating to use if it couldn't remember multiple networks,” they wrote.

An Xbox handheld device could be a lucrative decision for Microsoft considering the current success of other handhelds such as the Steam Deck. Additionally, being able to switch networks with a portable device would be quite a necessary feature.

It remains to be seen if this is Microsoft’s plan but for now, it is good to see quality-of-life updates being added to the current Xbox Series X/S consoles.

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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