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Simpsons Hit And Run Unreal Engine 5 remake is everything we ever wanted

Simpsons Hit And Run Unreal Engine 5 remake is everything we ever wanted

Simpsons Hit And Run Unreal Engine 5 remake is everything we ever wanted

Despite first being released over 20-years ago, The Simpsons: Hit & Run is still loved to this day. However, with no signs of a remake any time soon, it is down to creators to roll their sleeves up.

Released in 2003 by Radical Entertainment, The Simpsons: Hit & Run was an action-adventure game based on the long-running American animated sitcom, The Simpsons.

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Following the Simpsons family and featuring many other much-loved characters, the mission-based driving game/platformer features heaps of wild and ludicrous events taking place around Springfield.

From mysterious vans, crop circles and a possible alien invasion,The Simpsons: Hit & Run has gone on to become one of the most-loved games in the Simpsons series of video games and as a result, many fans are still calling out for a remake.

While an official remake may not be on the cards, one creator has given us a taste of what one could look like using Unreal Engine 5.

Youtuber reubs has posted a series of videos to their channel showing their project of bringing Hit & Run to the modern gaming age. From improving vehicle gameplay to even making the game open-world, the remake is everything fans have been calling out for.

The creator has also worked on revamping missions, making graphics “10x better”, adding an AI traffic system and even adding VR to the game. However, they stress that this is just a passion project and will not be available to download any time soon.

Although it is unfortunate that this incredible remake will not be available to play, it has still captured the attention of some of the previous game developers for Radical Entertainment who worked on the original game.

“Cool! This was the first game I ever worked on as an intern and Environment Artist at Radical Games back in 2002-03,” read one comment. “Nice to see people still appreciate the work we did. Good luck!”

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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