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Popular Streamer Calls 'World Of Warcraft' Community "Trash" Compared To 'FFXIV' Fans

Popular Streamer Calls 'World Of Warcraft' Community "Trash" Compared To 'FFXIV' Fans

He has had a lot to say about the classic MMORPG.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Asmongold, a streamer and content creator who is a well-known face in the World of Warcraft scene, has lambasted the community of players for being "trash."

This might come as a shock to some so let me give you a little helping of context. To his two million followers on Twitch, Asmongold has frequently expressed his frustration with Activision Blizzard through the state of the popular MMORPG. "World of Warcraft used to be a game that made you want to waste your time. Now it's just a game that wastes your time," explained the streamer in a TwitLonger post on his issues with the game, which include bugs that arrive in updates in spite of being identified in early versions of these installations, the creep of microtransactions into the majority of the gameplay and a perceived "lack of innovation" from the developer.

A fair few members of the community agreed with Asmongold and as a result, there has been a visible exodus of players from World of Warcraft into Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix's title offers a lot of advantages like adaptable class systems, intricate crafting and inspiration from JRPGs, of course. Yet, these aren't the most impressive elements of Final Fantasy XIV in the streamer's eyes.

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"It's been an incredible adventure, and I've really enjoyed it a lot," said Asmongold of his experiences in Final Fantasy XIV. When he streams the title, he's seen considerable rises in his follower count which reinforces his decision to leave World of Warcraft behind. On August 1st, Asmongold gained 3,000 followers in a five-hour session. Well, it's tough to argue with the numbers.

"I saw a clip of Esfand talking about how the Final Fantasy community is a better community than the WoW community, in terms of like being supportive, etc," continued the streamer. "Let me tell you something. That is completely true. There has never been a truer true that has ever been trued. I'll be honest, the WoW community is, uh, it's trash. How do I know that? Because I was in it."

He's not one to mince words. Additionally, he criticised Activision Blizzard for silently removing the spit emote in World of Warcraft while still allowing slurs to be typed in the in-game chat without censors or sanctions for using these words. "They removed /spit, but they didn't remove the n-word," said the streamer. "I mean like, wow, what is this?"

Featured Image Credit: Activision Blizzard, Asmongold via Twitch

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