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Ukranian streamer plays World Of Warcraft while bombs drop outside

Ukranian streamer plays World Of Warcraft while bombs drop outside

A Ukrainian streamer plays World of Warcraft while bombs were being dropped outside of his home.

A Ukrainian streamer plays World of Warcraft while bombs were seemingly being dropped outside of his home.

In February 2022, Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, resulting in the largest amount of recorded destruction and fatalities in Europe since the Second World War. Sadly to this day, Russia’s invasion continues.

A lot has been said about the resolve of the Ukrainian people. Reports have continually made the rounds via news outlets on how the people of this sovereign country still go on with their everyday lives, whether it's work, shopping, socialising or fighting back against Putin’s reign of tyranny.

What’s more, no matter what goes on in their world, some Ukrainians will continue to play their favourite video games with some content creators even going the extra mile by streaming on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. As shared in a Reddit post, one such content creator goes by the name of punisher3d.

Posted in the forum thread “LiveStreamFail”, which to be honest, given this situation is far from being a fail, punisher3d was playing the popular MMORPG on PC, World of Warcraft.

In the video clip shared on Reddit, explosions can be heard at a distance coming from outside, before the terrifying sounds draw near to the home of punisher3d.

Seemingly not too shaken by the incident, presumably as it's an everyday occurrence, punisher3d then proceeds to nervously laugh off the bomb explosions and carries on playing the game that he loves in front of his live audience.

In the thread, an apparently fellow resident of Ukraine explained the potential situation of the clip in question.

“As a resident Ukrainian in the thread, just so you all know most of these explosions are from air defence attempting to intercept targets so the streamer wasn't in as much danger as you might imagine,” said IThrewDucks. “The actual missiles have a characteristic whistle when they fly near you, while drones have their own distinctive sounds. So most of the time, an explosion is more distracting than actively threatening.

“Obviously depends on where you are though. People in cities and towns in range of artillery are at the mercy of chance, but most of us learned to go about our days despite these f******.”

At the time of writing, punisher3d has over 54,000 followers on Twitch, so do us a favour and give this absolute trooper of a streamer a follow on his channel.

If you want to aid the people of Ukraine financially, you can donate directly to the British Red Cross’ Ukraine Crisis Appeal here.

Featured Image Credit: punisher3d/Activision Blizzard

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