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Twitch Star xQc Blasts Pokimane Haters As "Misogynists" During Stream

Twitch Star xQc Blasts Pokimane Haters As "Misogynists" During Stream

"The millions of followers that they have disagree with your stupid a** take."

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Felix 'xQc' Lengyel and Imane 'Pokimane' Anys are pretty much the biggest and most popular Twitch streamers in the world right now. Unfortunately, with millions of viewers and fans under their respective belts, there are also plenty of haters with plenty of awful things to say. The internet really is just the worst thing ever to have happened, huh?

It's no secret that level of vitriol female streamers are subjected to is often far worse, and Lengyel has called out many of Anys' haters for being "legitimate misogynists". During a recent stream, Lengyel put Anys' critics on blast and gave 'em both barrels.

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"There's a lot of successful women out there," Lengyel started on stream. "There's a good handful of them. And they show a lot of good incentive, and they have a lot of good content. And legitimate misogynists will say, 'No, they have bad content'.... 'Nah bro, she's only growing because of x, y, and z'."

The streamer went on, arguing that the incredible numbers Anys and other female streamers are able to bring in are a huge testament to their skill, and a sign that the ones firing off hate are very much in the minority.

"All the people that watch and the millions of followers that they have disagree with your stupid a** take," he said.

Pokimane /

The clip swiftly blew up on social media, and it wasn't long before Anys caught wind of the situation. "Thanks, X, you're a real one," she said in a follow-up video. "Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined myself on an LSF post of xQc saying something nice about me and most of the top comments also saying something nice about me. I slept real well last night, let's just say that."

In a world filled with internet beefs and stars pulling each other apart to try and generate views and engagement, it's genuinely awesome to see the two biggest Twitch streamers out there setting an example by boosting each other up and being kind and decent to one another. More of this, please.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/Pokimane/xQc

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