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'The Last Of Us' Anime Looks Way Better Than We Were Expecting

'The Last Of Us' Anime Looks Way Better Than We Were Expecting

This is very HBO: heckin’ brilliant, obviously

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

Hopefully you're very aware that HBO is adapting Naughty Dog's The Last of Us for television. It's kind of a big deal, with Pedro Pascal cast as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie - and everything we've seen from the sets and scenes has us very excited. But an anime adaptation? Yeah, we missed that one, too.

Although, it's forgivable - because this is a fan-made project rather than a big-budget (like, really big budget) TV production. As GamesRadar+ reports, Portuguese illustrator Caro Oliveira (official website) has been working on a series of anime-style takes on memorable The Last of Us scenes. Characters featured include Joel and Ellie, naturally, and also Tess, Riley, Dina, Abby and Lev - yep, it covers both the Left Behind DLC and The Last of Us Part II, too.

The Last of Us has one of the most memorable openings in gaming history - check out more in the video, below...

Caro posted a really cool video of their production process for the Part II scenes to YouTube, which you can watch below. "This is a fan project, turning some of the best The Last of Us moments into anime screenshots," they write in the description - and not only are these moments iconic, the anime-style takes are also pretty amazing.

Caro's pictures are all over their Instagram account. Some of our favourites include Dina and Ellie together, Joel's tragic fate, and Marlene's pleading with Joel come the end of the first game. Caro's account also shows off a lot of other art from games and TV, including scenes and characters from Final Fantasy VII, Game of Thrones, Netflix's The Witcher and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

It's absolutely enough to have us wanting a cool animated adaptation, or spin-off, of The Last of Us. And Breath of the Wild too, actually. Can someone have a word with Caro here and get these made into something we can watch? Cheers.

In related The Last of Us news, you may have missed that it's possible for Abby to kill Tommy in the second game, if the player is swift enough; and the story for the third main game in the series has already been outlined.

Featured Image Credit: Caro Oliveira

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