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'Skyrim' Player Spends $15,000 To Become The Dragonborn IRL, Sort Of

'Skyrim' Player Spends $15,000 To Become The Dragonborn IRL, Sort Of

DingasVR has some incredible pieces of kit

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Though The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim might be considered a pretty old game now, it continues to have a very special place in a lot of hearts. If you're looking for an immersive fantasy world with lots of quests, dungeons, and ridiculous circumstances, Skyrim might still be your best bet for an adventure ten years on from release. That's why we're not surprised that one fan of the game has upped their dedication by spending a mighty $15,000 to get the Tamriel experience as realistic as possible.

As reported by GamesRadar+, GingasVR on TikTok has shown off their set up which has brought them one step closer to really existing in Bethesda's Skyrim. In a TikTok showing off just some of the kit they've bought, it's explained that they used a variety of tools to make themselves as immersed in the game as possible.

If you're thinking of going away this summer, why not visit sunny Skyrim yourself...

First GingasVR is, of course, using a VR headset that sort of comes with the VR territory. But what is a little more unusual in play is a VR haptic vest that will communicate feelings to the user as they play. The content creator also added smart plugs and fans that simulate the feeling of wind when in certain places.

The last modifications came with voice-activated controls. GingasVR made sure that they could talk to people using their real voice and additionally, if Gingas shouted, their character shouted too. It's pretty wholesome seeing themselves enjoying the environment with all the tech they've used but it does cost quite a bit to recreate this yourself. GingasVR predicts that they've spent perhaps a total of $15,000 on the VR kit they own to make their set up, but if it makes them happy, why not just go for it, you know?

And GingasVR doesn't just love Skyrim, oh no no, they love the Fallout series two. So when attempting to make Fallout 4 as realistic as possible too they added a heavy backpack to remind them of everything they were picking up, putting their hand in the microwave for those extra rads, and of course, put on a vault dweller suit. Though, personally, I might leave out the microwaving bit if I ever attempt this myself.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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