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Gamer Ranks Resident Evil Games, Immediately Starts War Amongst Fans

Gamer Ranks Resident Evil Games, Immediately Starts War Amongst Fans

Do I have your attention, boy?

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

We've all seen, or even made, those ranking charts, right? Y'know, for crisp flavours or Pokémon or pizza toppings or dictators of the Western World: there's a ranking template for any kind of subject you want to order in a largely arbitrary fashion. And y'know what's a certainty whenever you pop one of these things onto the internet? Other people are going to kick off.

And so it's proved with Resident Evil. Reddit user Traditional_Ad9002 posted their ranking for Capcom's classic survival horror series and the comments really started to fizz with criticism for their choices. A whole lot of noise over nothing much at all? You bet - but when has gaming discussion on the internet ever been rational? At least most of this one is friendly.

The Resident Evil series has evolved its horrors over the past 25 years - check out its history in the video below...

The ranking - embedded below - places the original Resident Evil of 1996 and its 1998 sequel in the top S tier, alongside the 2002 GameCube remake of the first game and 2019's of the second. Joining the four is Resident Evil 4, which completely changed how Resi games felt to play upon its 2005 release. Dropping a level to the A tier and we find the Dreamcast's Code: Veronica (remake, when?) and the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. All brilliant games, I'm sure we can agree.

But then comes the stink. In the B tier, our bold ranker places Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - a fresh reinvention of the Resi formula - beside the patchy at best Resident Evils 5 and 6. And that... that sure is a choice. A choice that rubbed a few commenters the wrong way. "How the f*ck is 6 and 7 on the same place?" (sic) asks one such Reddit user - and, yeah, that is a bit wild, NGL.

"OP has noob opinions," offers another user, and another writes: "I just don't get why people like Code Veronica though, happy people do tho but damn I thought that game was baaaad." Was it, though? No, it was not. To support my stance on this, another user adds: "I don't agree with... several of these but I love how high CV is."

The original poster's list doesn't include the full Resident Evil series - "Where's the Outbreak series it should definitely be there," comments one user - but does find space for 2016's wretched multiplayer spin-off Umbrella Corps at its lowest D tier. And that, friends, is the kind of ranking we can all support. We love our Resi around GBHQ, but some of these games? Keep 'em in the bin. And give Code: Veronica a remake, obvs.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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