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Resident Evil fans need to check out this gross new sci-fi horror

Resident Evil fans need to check out this gross new sci-fi horror

This upcoming indie sci-fi horror is one for Resident Evil fans

Capcom’s Resident Evil series is a prominent franchise among survival horror enthusiasts and for good reason, they’re bloody good games, quite literally.

While NES title Sweet Home and the original Alone in the Dark can be considered inspirations for Resident Evil, Capcom’s survival horror series has itself inspired many titles, in particular, Resident Evil 4 for the sci-fi horror, Dead Space. So when a new horror comes along that is one for Resident Evil and Dead Space fans, you can bet we’re interested and hopefully, you are too.

Check out the Negative Atmosphere trailer below!

Entering the world of survival horror is the indie title, Negative Atmosphere developed and published by Sunscorched Studios. Whether Negative Atmosphere can even achieve just a slither of success that its inspirations have found, remains to be seen. But judging by its gameplay trailer, it’s at least off to a decent start.

Negative Atmosphere is a third-person, over-the-shoulder survival horror game dedicated to dread, tension and trauma. Trapped aboard the voidship TRH Rusanov, Samuel Edwards must evade, fight and kill his former crew-mates as an outbreak transforms them into monsters,” reads the description on the Steam store. “There's only one way out and an entire ship to cross. Danger lurks around every corner and time is running out. Explore the depths of the Rusanov, pull whatever resources you can out of its guts, and run.”

It continues: “As Chief Medical Officer of the Rusanov, Edwards has a confident, in-depth understanding of medicinal drugs. Routine medication can be repurposed for more creative ideas, or transformed into something more extreme. Whether attempting to save the injured, influence enemies or alter himself, Samuel's medical knowledge will be key to his survival.”

No release date has been announced for Negative Atmosphere, but it does seem to have been in development for at least a couple of years. We do know that it will be released on PC at some point. You can, however, add it to your Steam wishlist to be notified of its launch.

Featured Image Credit: Sunscorched Studios

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