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Tiny Attention To Detail Discovered In 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Is Kind Of Mind-Blowing

Tiny Attention To Detail Discovered In 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Is Kind Of Mind-Blowing

Attention to detail is Rockstar's middle name.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Fans on the Red Dead Redemption subreddit are once again sharing their shock at just how detailed Red Dead Redemption 2 is with yet another of Rockstar's peculiarities in-game. We all know that RDR2 both looks and sounds amazing, and is great in most ways. But one of the undeniable successes of the game is how much detail went into the small things.

Yes yes, we know certain anatomy of male horses would shrink in cold weather - that's not the detail we're talking about, no matter how strangely impressive that feature is. This time, the subreddit is talking about bullets. User hajducek posted a screenshot from the DetailsInGaming account that shows how the bullets coming out of your gun are different from the ones going in.

"You can actually see where the firing pin hit the bullet when you reload" is the post's title, and indeed it's true. Although incredibly difficult to see as you're playing, because presumably, you're concentrating on the thing you're firing at - you can see the indentation where the pin hits the bullet as it's fired. It's not every day a game goes through so much care to make sure a detail so unnoticed is so precise.

As I was saying, fans on the subreddit were properly impressed by the details of Red Dead Redemption 2, coming up to three years after release. ST4RSHIP17 says, "The part that the firing pin hits on the bullet is called a "primer". It's what initiates the propellant (gunpowder) combustion to push the bullet out of the cartridge and out of the barrel of the gun, it's like a fuse string to a bomb... but it ignites the propellant immediately when "activated"... This game never fails to impress me with its realism, especially being a gun guy myself. This game had a shit ton of effort put into it, took 8 years to make, wish more game were like this."

Wancha505 adds that it's "Yet another detail no one would ever miss if it wasn't there" which is true - if it wasn't there, no one would be upset. But it's impressive that effort is put into these tiny little details which make the game better as a whole. Nice one, Rockstar.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar

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