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'Red Dead Online' Player Who Hunts KKK Racists Becomes Internet Sensation

'Red Dead Online' Player Who Hunts KKK Racists Becomes Internet Sensation

But we don't even know if it's real...

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

One of the themes you'll encounter, as you play Red Dead Redemption 2 is racism and prejudice. If we're taking a stroll in the shoes of someone in 1899's America, of course, there will be racism, who are we kidding - the KKK reportedly had millions of members in the early 1900s. And apparently, there are some Red Dead Online players who are using the game as a platform to act on their real racist views. But in retaliation, there is one player celebrating murdering racists that they find in-game, and going viral on TikTok with their clips.

As reported by Kotaku, one TikTok account has found an incredible satisfying niche in destroying other players that have dressed up as KKK members. You may have seen these clips on TikTok, as they're incredibly popular, gathering hundreds of thousands of likes and millions of views across the series. Yuhboi is responsible for these videos which shows their character shooting, tying up, and generally murdering figures in the game that are obviously dressed in KKK attire.

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Of course, there have been waves of support for this player stomping out racism in games. As you may well know, racism doesn't need to be a theme in the game you're playing for someone to feel embolden to use slurs. Multiplayer titles are often rife with derogatory language, and for some, seeing a person stand up against someone dressed as a racist is just a morsel of the justice they crave. However, all might not be what it seems.

Kotaku and Red Dead News both doubt the legitimacy of these videos. Both of these outlets think that there is something that doesn't feel right about the situation at hand.

There are cases where the Kotaku reporter, Zack Zwiezen, has encountered genuinely racist players using the n-word and dragging Black characters while calling them similarly disgusting words. Those occurrences do happen. However, the likelihood that this one player is encountering this many situations where gamers are dressed in KKK uniforms and are simply not fighting back as he pursues them is... unlikely. One of the videos shows a KKK member steering a boat full of explosives down a river which is just asking for someone to shoot it.

Though Yuhboi has been asked for comment by Kotaku, they have yet to respond. It seems that they're happy to just keep shooting people (probably a mate they've coerced into this plan) and then record themselves dancing in celebration.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar

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