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Pro 'Hearthstone' Player Gets Mistaken For Donald Trump Online

Pro 'Hearthstone' Player Gets Mistaken For Donald Trump Online

We're talking about Trump, not that Trump, the other one

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Okay bear with us on this one - have you ever really liked a name, a name you could even imagine calling your kids or a pet if you ever got the chance? And then suddenly you meet an Amber, a Derek, a Christina, a Frederick, that puts you right off it? It's ruined and you can't do anything about it - yeah that's how many feel about the name Trump, or at least they can't tell one apart from the other.

A professional Hearthstone player and streamer named Trump, has had the unfortunate situation over the last five years or so, of getting constantly mistaken for Donald Trump the politician. Jeffrey 'Trump' Shih is known for his incredible skills, not for his politics, in the digital collectable card game Hearthstone, but that hasn't stopped an influx of people following him on social media because of mistaken identity.

On January 6, during the insurrection at Capitol Hill, DC, the player tweeted out a clarification in case anyone was following him in hopes he might be the outgoing President of the United States of America.

The tweet says, "Getting a lot of Twitter followers right now. I might not be who you're trying to follow. You're looking for the former president, not the Hearthstone player." I guess it doesn't help when you're a verified personality on Twitch with the name Trump and a massive political riot is happening at the same time.

Hearthstone is an online card game based on the World of Warcraft universe from Blizzard Rntertainment. Trump is really well respected in the community for not only being an incredibly talented player, showing others new metas and ways to use cards, but also being a highly entertaining creator and solid part of the Hearthstone community. Oh and he's also sung a duet with porn actress Mia Malkova before which went viral. Oh well, at least he only has a few more weeks of the other Trump being in the limelight before he can take his online identity back.

Featured Image Credit: Trump (via YouTube)

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