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Wipeout Is Making A Return On PlayStation 5, Says Insider

Wipeout Is Making A Return On PlayStation 5, Says Insider

Gotta go fast.



Words by: Catherine Lewis

Guess what time it is on this fine Thursday morning - it's rumour time! But for real, if you're into futuristic anti-gravity racing (and who isn't?), this one is pretty cool, and may actually have a decent chance of being true. And no, it's not a new F-Zero, but stick with me, okay?

Nick Baker, better known online as Shpeshal Nick, is the co-host of the XboxEra podcast and a prominent gaming news leaker. He took to Twitter yesterday to share some exciting insider knowledge about the futuristic racing series Wipeout: "You know what? Screw it. I'll risk pissing someone off. Don't wanna get scooped again. Been told Wipeout is coming back. Planned to be a VR2/PS5 title. Most likely an XDEV project. Still early in the project."

Why not get yourself into the mood for some Wipeout by watching footage from the most recent release?

Wipeout hasn't seen a brand new addition to the series since 2012 on the PS Vita, as its most recent release, Wipeout Omega Collection, only consisted of remasters of Wipeout HD and Wipeout 2048. Omega Collection was also the first game not to be developed by the creators of the series, Studio Liverpool. Of course, this rumoured new release won't be developed by Studio Liverpool either, as they shut down in 2012 after releasing Wipeout 2048. Shpeshal Nick later added on Twitter that Lucid Games, the studio behind Destruction AllStars, may be involved with the development.

With such a long time since a new game has been released, you can understand why fans are excited at the prospect: "About damn time for a new Wipeout," wrote Reddit user Serupael. "Yup I'm ready, take my money Sony." added driplessCoin.

Nick also added to the rumours of a new FromSoftware PS5 exclusive, after another Twitter page leaked the information yesterday. The user, HazzadorGamin, said the game would be "Souls like", but apparently not Bloodborne 2, so make of that what you will. Nick claimed he was going to leak the information himself later next week, which prompted him to post the information about Wipeout instead.

As the new Wipeout game is supposedly early in development, it's unlikely that we're going to get any confirmation about this rumour any time soon. Hopefully though, the series will be given a new lease of life on a new-gen platform, as it has the potential to look absolutely stunning. We'll just have to watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Studio Liverpool

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