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'Twisted Metal' TV Series Reportedly Casts Will Arnett As Sweet Tooth

'Twisted Metal' TV Series Reportedly Casts Will Arnett As Sweet Tooth

"I've made a huge mistake."

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Cards on the table: I kind of completely forgot that Sony was developing a TV adaptation of cult PlayStation franchise Twisted Metal. Announced back in 2019 as one of the many film and TV projects currently in the works at PlayStation Productions, Twisted Metal will bring the racers and carnage of the vehicular combat series to the small screen.

We haven't had much in the way of official news in the year or so since the show was announced, but a new report by the The Illuminerdi claims to have the first details on casting and the overall tone of the show. The Illuminerdi previously accurately reported that Mahershala Ali had been in talks to play JoelMahershala Ali had been in talks to play Joel in HBO's The Last Of Us, so we can assume there's definitely some PlayStation Productions insider info there.

A source claiming to be familiar with the development of the series describes Twisted Metal to the publication as a "high-octane action comedy circling around an outsider trying to better his own life. The protagonist has to deliver a mysterious package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland alongside a trigger-happy car thief.

"The outsider has to face marauders with vehicles capable of intense destruction, along with other open road dangers and a crazy clown with a recognizable ice cream truck." Yep, that sure sounds like Twisted Metal.

The Illuminerdi also alleges that Will Arnett (Arrested Development, LEGO Batman) will be taking on the role of the villainous clown Sweet Tooth, who roves around causing chaos in the aforementioned ice cream truck. The report notes that this would be a "cameo voicover role", implying that Sweet Tooth - the most recognisable character of the whole franchise - wouldn't be that prominent in the show. That seems... odd.

Twisted Metal /

Finally, it's believed that Anthony Mackie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Black Mirror) has been offered the lead role of John. Whether this is a reference to John Doe, a character from the games who can't remember anything from his past, or a new character, is unclear. The former would certainly make for a rewarding central mystery to hang a first season on, though. Hopefully we'll learn more about Twisted Metal very soon.

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