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This Guy Bought Five PlayStation 5s Just To Make An 11-Year-Old joke

This Guy Bought Five PlayStation 5s Just To Make An 11-Year-Old joke

He has five PS5s.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

The Lord Of The Rings. Toy Story. Back To The Future. Outstanding trilogies, all. Now, I am delighted to say that after 11 years, YouTuber LoadingReadyRun has joined the hallowed ranks of the near-perfect trilogy with his latest video: Five PS5s.

11 years ago, LoadingReadyRun uploaded a ridiculous video about owning three PS3s. A few years later, he followed up with another video about owning four PS4s. As you can see in the video below, he now proudly boasts of owning five next-gen consoles... while most of us mere mortals are lucky to own even a single one.

While you might be wondering what on Earth a person does with five PS5 consoles, LoadingReadyRun makes it clear that the hardware is evenly spaced throughout the house to ensure even coverage. There's one in the bedroom, another in the home theatre, one in the bathroom, and an extra in the en-suite. There's even a final one in the garden to help beautify the neighbourhood. He also has an Xbox Series X, just in case you weren't jealous enough. So to recap, that's one Xbox Series X... and five PS5s.

"You may have gone through the hassle of getting your own PS5," our hero brags, surrounded by his small army of PS5s. "And hey, Gold Star for you! Great job. Of course, that would mean that I have five gold stars, because I have five PS5s. I mean, this isn't a contest, but if it was? I would be winning five to one."

PlayStation 5 /
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Given that PlayStation 5 consoles are incredibly hard to find right now, you might be less inclined to see the funny side of this video and wonder why a guy who doesn't need five consoles is hanging on to them. As great as this video is, I do get that it could come across in the wrong way. The good news is that he's not actually the ostentatious ass he makes out to be in the video, and is actually giving a few of them away as part of two random giveaways on both YouTube and Twitch.

More details on that can be found here if you're interested. And hey, if you win, you'll be 20% closer to your own goal of five PS5s. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Featured Image Credit: Sony/LoadingReadyRun/YouTube

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