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PlayStation Fans Are Split Over PS Plus "Premium" Perks

PlayStation Fans Are Split Over PS Plus "Premium" Perks

Stop drop and Crunchyroll

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

PlayStation Plus subscribers can't seem to agree if the recent reports of a new addition to the subscription service are a good or bad thing.

Earlier this week it emerged that Sony had completed its acquisition of Crunchyroll for $1.175 billion. What's more, Eurogamer reports that the company is considering including the anime streaming service with PlayStation Plus - most likely as part of a "premium" option.

Naturally any change to the service warrants discussion among subscribers, and so it is that gamers have expressed everything from delight and excitement to concern and confusion at the idea of Crunchyroll merging with PlayStation Plus.

Over on ResetEra, a number of users seem to think it's a pretty great idea, although oters are questioning how many people would pay more for PlayStation Plus just to get Crunchyroll. Being a streaming service that deals primarily in manga and anime, it isn't exactly dripping in mainstream appeal.

"I'd be curious to see what the overlap is here, but I doubt I'd opt for a more expensive PS+ option solely for a Crunchyroll subscription," wrote LightKiosk.

"You better add some more sh*t than Crunchyroll for a premium premium sub," warned DOT_mjo. Others agreed, arguing that a premium PS Plus would probably have to do more than just include a Crunchyroll subscription. Tying in the PlayStation Now service and its library of games was a popular suggestion as an added perk.

PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus

"Curious to see how much they'll ball into a more premium offering. Crunchyroll alone obviously doesn't make sense, so I'd assume PlayStation Now as well at minimum, but I'm curious too see if there will be even more," reasoned Liam Allen-Miller. "We have a CR sub as well as PS+ (but no desire for PS Now) so depending on the price it might make sense for us anyhow."

Over on Reddit the response to a premium PS Plus that includes Crunchyroll was slightly more welcomed, although almost everyone once again agreed an enhanced subscription service should probably also roll in PS Now.

"If I could get PS+/some media streaming/PSNow in a single package, I would sign up in a heartbeat and never look back," wrote Jandipoo.

With Xbox Game Pass adding brand-new games every month that can be played on virtually any device with a screen, it's clear Sony needs to step up what it's offering subscribers. Rolling PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into one service with some added film/TV streaming content would definitely be a widely welcomed move. Watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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