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PlayStation Confirms Play At Home Update, More Free PS4 Games Incoming

PlayStation Confirms Play At Home Update, More Free PS4 Games Incoming

There's no such thing as a free game. Except in this instance.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

One of the best things Sony has done this year, hands down, is continue and extend the excellent Play At Home scheme.

For those of you that have somehow not been paying attention to this wonderful initiative, Play At Home is all about encouraging people to stay safe and entertained during the ongoing pandemic by giving them a crap-ton of great games to play, entirely for free.

There are no caveats or hidden strings. All you need is a PlayStation 4 (or a PlayStation 5) and an internet connection. No PlayStation Plus required. If you meet this criteria, you can download and keep a bunch of titles, from hit-games like Ratchet & Clank and Horizon Zero Dawn, to indie gems like Subnautica and Abzu.

One thing I should stress is that the Play At Home games are only available to download for a limited time. The nine indie games that were announced last month can only be added to your library until April 22, while Horizon Zero Dawn is hanging around until May 14. To be clear, as long as you claim these games in the allotted time, they are yours to keep. Nobody is taking them away from you.

With the aforementioned bundle of indie games leaving Play At Home tomorrow, you might be wondering what's next for Sony's free service. The good news is that it sounds as if the company plans to dish out another batch of free games very, very soon.

In a blog post detailing how to claim Horizon Zero Dawn for free, SIE content communications senior director Sid Shuman teased that Sony has another Play At Home update to share soon. "Thanks again to the community," he wrote. "And stay tuned, we'll have another Play at Home update to share soon."

When Sony announced Play At Home 2021 back in February, it confirmed that the initiative would start in March and last at least until June. While we don't yet know what free games the company has in store next, the quality of titles already offered would suggest there are some very exciting times ahead. Watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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