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PlayStation Fans Hit Out At 'Ghost Of Tsushima' PS5 "Paywall"

PlayStation Fans Hit Out At 'Ghost Of Tsushima' PS5 "Paywall"

The ghost with the most.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Last week was a big one for PlayStation fans. Ghost Of Tsushima: Director's Cut was announced for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, bringing with it a bevy of enhancements for the new-gen console, and a new story expansion that takes place on Iki Island.

This new version of the 2020 game releases August 20, and comes with a fairly complicated upgrade path that has left many players feeling a little angry. The PlayStation 5 version of the game offers a number of upgrades, including DualSense specific features like 3D audio and faster loading times, but also lip-sync for English and Japanese voiceover.

Take a look at the trailer below:

These are pretty essential features for the PS5 version of the game. Unfortunately, this is one PS4-to-PS5 upgrade that is going to cost you. If you already own Ghost Of Tsushima on PlayStation 4, you're looking at $29.99 (around £22) to upgrade to Director's Cut on PlayStation 5. Given that the vast majority of PS5 upgrades have been given freely, there are some who think locking many of the new PS5 features behind a "paywall" isn't the greatest move Sony could have made.

Over on Reddit, fans have widely agreed with an excellent TechRadar piece that argues against having to pay for so much of what the Director's Cut is offering on PS5 if you already own the game on PS4. The new story expansion is one thing, obviously, but the fact there's no option to skip the story expansion and simply get the PS5 enhancements for free like with most other games is an issue.

"Problem is people with PS5 are absolutely hungry for PS5 games with PS5 features like 4K, 60fps, haptics, adaptive triggers and 3D audio," responded one user. "There is just not enough games like this so people will buy everything. Demand is just too high and these companies know it and they will gladly take this opportunity to milk gamers for their money."

"Makes the decision easy for me to wait it out and get it cheaper down the line," another added.

Over on Twitter, others have pointed out the huge number of video games that have released PS5 upgrades for free, including Bethesda - a Microsoft-owned company - in the case of DOOM Eternal.

It's unlikely Sony will do a U-turn on its decision here, but hopefully the company will hear this negative feedback and consider some kind of compromise that, at the very least, allows players to enjoy the PS5 upgrades without having to pay for the story expansion and other Director's Cut content.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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