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PlayStation 5 Almost Outsold Every Other Console Combined In July

PlayStation 5 Almost Outsold Every Other Console Combined In July

And you still can't get one

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

The PlayStation 5 is absolutely dominating in the UK, according to a new report. Despite issues with scalpers and dwindling stock, Sony's latest console has managed to storm ahead of the competition and smash a number of records.

Last month the PS5 officially became the fastest-selling PlayStation console in history, shifting more than 10 million units around the world since launching last November. That's impressive enough on its own, but here in the UK the PS5 just had a blinder of a summer.

Take a look at this wonderful video of a father and son unwrapping a PlayStation 5 with a special twist. It's always great to see the pure excitement of a gamer opening a brand-new console, isn't it?

According to Games Industry's Christopher Dring, the PS5 very nearly outsold every other console combined in July in the UK. Specific numbers haven't been shared, but that's a heck of an achievement for the fledgling console - and a sign that people really want a PS5.

If stock shortages weren't still a very real issue preventing would-be customers from actually buying one, you have to wonder if the PS5 would've managed to more than "almost" outsell every other console combined. I suspect maybe it would have, but I suppose we'll never know.

Still, whichever way you slice it, this is another big win for Sony and its new console. I just hope that it's not long before the company is able to churn out more stock and meet the incredible demand that it's currently struggling to supply. After all, we can't fully strap in for the future of PlayStation until everyone is on board, can we?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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