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'The Sims 4' Character Laughs Himself To Death After Wife Tells Him She's Pregnant

'The Sims 4' Character Laughs Himself To Death After Wife Tells Him She's Pregnant

This is not it.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

This Sim literally laughed himself to death when he discovered that his partner was pregnant, earning a spot in the hall of "worst reactions to fatherhood" fame.

Is it a bug? Is it a glitch? Nope. It's a genuine thing that could happen to a Sim in The Sims 4. If a Sim surpasses a total of 15 points from Playful and Happy Moodlets then it's possible that the character will kick the bucket after a top-tier knee-slapper. The only way to prevent a Hysterical Sim from shuffling off their mortal coil is to calm themselves down by talking some sense into themselves in the mirror. Not only is a Sim able to die of laughter, they're also vulnerable to death by anger or embarrassment. Fortunately, it's just a game, eh?

Remember the Journey to Batuu game pack for The Sims 4? It lets Sims join the Resistance or the First Order, or they can choose their own path with the Scoundrels. And, it's sort of canon to the actual Star Wars timeline. Take a look below.

Twitch streamer chelbel was playing the social simulation game when her Sim found out that she was having a baby. Overjoyed, the character went to announce to her partner the good news but an unbelievable thing happened. The Sim, namely J Huntington III, walks to the other side of the sofa and suddenly there's a musical sting to indicate a Sim's death. He cackles and clasps at his chest, doubled over with hysteria, and dies.

chelbel's astonishment at the event even caused someone else to rush into the room to check if she was alright. "I was like, oh my God, who died?!" they said as they were on the phone to their own mum at the time. The streamer said that she did try to plead with the Grim Reaper for J's life but the entity wasn't having it.

Some are surprised that this is a legitimate death in The Sims 4 and others are sharing their stories of ridiculous ways their Sims have bitten the dust. What's the wildest thing that's ever happened to your Sims?

Featured Image Credit: EA

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