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LEGO Reveals Massive ‘Super Mario 64’ Set That Transforms Before Your Eyes

LEGO Reveals Massive ‘Super Mario 64’ Set That Transforms Before Your Eyes

But one detail is technically incorrect.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

LEGO and Mario have been on a role recently. The two massive entertainment companies have been releasing set after set orientated around your very own Mario adventures. They've been pretty popular with kids and adults alike, and now LEGO has announced a giant Super Mario 64 set which looks like a '?' block. And you know what, it's gorgeous.

LEGO, as you may well know, costs a pretty penny. These pieces of plastic are not cheap and yet I'm already seeing if I can afford this new set. The LEGO Super Mario 64 '?' block is a fun take on Super Mario 64's world contained in one transforming set. Four mini levels are contained inside one massive yellow '?' block so you can display the set open or shut. I guess that depends on who else you have living in your home or what guests you're having over.

Here is the trailer for the set...

However, there is one, rather amusing, detail that VG247 journalist Alex Donaldson has noticed about the set. That the '?' block doesn't actually ever appear in the original Super Mario 64 and this whole thing is a big lie. Okay, 'lie' might be too strong but you get what I mean, it's funny that we all just think the '?' block is in the game when really, it's not.

Don't let that ruin your enjoyment of the set though - it's still absolutely stunning. On the LEGO website, it says that not only does it look good but it can interact with the Mario and Luigi figures from the Starter Courses sold previously for some fun interactions. It has a total of 2064 pieces and 10 microfigures for you to enjoy.

The set is already up on the LEGO website and will be available from October 1, 2021, so maybe it's a good one for Christmas wishlists right?

Featured Image Credit: LEGO

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