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Nestflix Is A Streaming Service For Fake Movies And Shows

Nestflix Is A Streaming Service For Fake Movies And Shows

The site has 700 entries and counting at the moment.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

You've heard of Netflix, but have you heard of Nestflix? It's the streaming service for all of your favourite fictional shows and movies, from McBain from The Simpsons to Angels with Filthy Souls from Home Alone.

The purpose of this project is a little odd but you've got to respect the efforts of web designer Lynn Fisher. Any time any fake TV show or movie has been mentioned with accompanying footage on a real TV show or movie, Fisher has nabbed the title, description, screenshots of the production and has even categorised them by genre. So, for the Schitt's Creek fans out there - there's an entry for Sunrise Bay with the description, "Vivien Blake runs the surgery department at Sunrise General, a small hospital in a coastal community plagued by a centuries-old curse. Crystals, body swaps, and the longest running demonic possession on daytime television."

The real Netflix is home to The Witcher, following the gruff and grumpy bounty hunter Geralt of Rivia as he discovers his role in the destiny of The Continent. And, it isn't immune to mishaps that shatter the illusion of this epic fantasy world. Check out its blooper reel below.

There are over 700 shows and movies on the site at the moment and more are sure to appear with the ability to contribute ones that have slipped through the comprehensive net. "It really was a lot of work now that I look at it all together!" said Fisher in an interview with Paste Magazine. The whole process from start to finish took me two months."

This undertaking involved two spreadsheets that held the timestamps for these fictional shows and movies, and then she needed to find out where to watch these real shows and movies that mentioned them. Then, she'd snap screencaps, summarise the synopses of these fake shows and movies, and create images and logos for these entries on Nestflix.

Oh, and why is it named Nestflix? "I looked for a category/name for what these films within films are called and 'nested stories' felt like it fit and then the pun Nestflix fell out of the sky perfectly formed," explained Fisher. "So it made sense to make the site look like a real streaming platform. And then it all came together really well after that."

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox, Daivd Balev via Pexels

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