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Mass Effect Fans Pay Their Respects To The Hardest Death In The Trilogy

Mass Effect Fans Pay Their Respects To The Hardest Death In The Trilogy

A bug's death

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

No two runs through the Mass Effect trilogy are ever quite the same. Depending on your choices, you're going to have a wildly different experience in BioWare's celebrated sci-fi RPG series - that's all part of the magic.

There are just so many variables, and entire planets can live or die based on your decisions. Renegade or Paragon? Ashley or Kaiden? Mercy or fury? It's all up to you. Shepard's life, loves, and losses are yours to decide.

Take a look at some of the fantastic alternate names given to Mass Effect's best characters below:

With so many different potential approaches comes a bevy of serious consequences. Depending on how you've played, you'll lose friends and allies in the war against the Reapers. Some of these deaths are avoidable, while others are inevitable. Still, all are pretty damn heartbreaking in their own way.

Over on Reddit, fans appear to have decided which of the many deaths in the Mass Effect trilogy hits the hardest - and it's a big one. By which I mean it's one you've probably never given any thought to before now.

During one memorable mission in Mass Effect 2, players will visit a planet called Haestrom to rescue fan-favourite Tali'Zorah nar Rayya. The largest contributing factor to the planet's hostile environment (aside from the endless waves of Geth) is its intense sun, which constantly burns to the point that direct contact with it can deplete the player's armour.

We see this unforgiving sun for the first time in a cutscene. A lone insect scuttles into the light and immediately burns up. Then Shephard and his crew arrive to carry out the mission, and the unnamed insect goes unmourned and unloved. Just not, as it turns out, unremembered. Reddit user Overlord416 shared a clip of the insect's untimely demise hailing it as the saddest death in Mass Effect, finally giving the little guy the appreciation he always deserved.

"Lil homie stood no chance," declared one user.

"Rip random bug," added another in memoriam. "They will be missed."

Of course one or two users also called out the insect as dumb for walking right into the light of a burning sun, but these people are classless monsters with no respect from the dead. Here, today, we remember the random Mass Effect 2 bug as a hero.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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