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Henry Cavill Up At 4.30 Every Morning For Leg Rehab Before 'Witcher' Filming

Henry Cavill Up At 4.30 Every Morning For Leg Rehab Before 'Witcher' Filming

Geralt has to be fighting fit, after all

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

We're not sure we could ever deal with being famous. It's not the limos that bother us, nor is it the signing autographs - that's stuff is easy-peasy. What would be difficult is all the exercise and training famous actors to have to do to be fighting fit for filming. Especially when you're playing a badass monster hunter and you've just had a leg injury.

So, Henry Cavill has had a little bit of a wild few months in terms of his job. Cavill, if somehow you didn't already know, plays Geralt of Rivia in Netflix's interpretation of The Witcher. Previously both a book series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski and a set of games from CD Projekt that has been a massive success which the Netflix series has, so far, followed in the footsteps of. Series 2 of The Witcher is currently in the works with more fantasy antics on the way, but Cavill suffered a leg injury just before Christmas.

In December, the actor while on an assault course pulled a muscle in his leg, and filming had to go on without him for a short while as he recovered. That recovery process is still ongoing it seems with a new snowy Instagram picture Cavill has uploaded.

It reads, "Monday to Friday I'm up at 04:30 to get a few hours rehab in before my work day starts. Some mornings are rough, but I do always get to see the dawn by the time I'm finishing up. The snow made this one even more enjoyable, if not a touch chilly!" And yes, it looks really chilly. As we said, you wouldn't catch us being able to train like Cavill for his role, no way.

However as The Witcher is filming again, and we know that Cavill's injury is slowly healing, we're looking forward to seeing more from Netflix's interpretation of Sapkowski's world soon.

Featured Image Credit: Henry Cavill (via Instagram) / Netflix

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