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'GTA 5' RP Community Horrified As Streamer Accused Of Roleplaying A Paedophile

'GTA 5' RP Community Horrified As Streamer Accused Of Roleplaying A Paedophile

The roleplay community are upset at Wachinanii's behaviour.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Gaming and roleplay can be a tonne of fun. Combining the immersion of a video game world with voices and personalities that fit within them is a great way to be creative and have a great experience with mates. But I think a good general rule of thumb is to not pretend to be a paedophile, wouldn't you agree?

Yeah okay, play a murderer or a criminal mastermind, those are less worrying illegal activities to have fun with when you're role-playing but to go live on Twitch and pretend to be attracted to children is too far - and the roleplay community seems to agree. A Spanish streamer by the name Wachinanii has found himself in hot water after roleplaying a character in a GTA server who attempts to lure a child into his car.

The clip, which was spotted by Dexerto, shows the streamer stopping on the road near a three-year-old character and attempted to convince them to get into the car in a creepy voice. Wachinianii also says he has a "job" for the child. He then drives away panicked when it doesn't go his way and laughs about it.

One person on Reddit has translated some of the conversation and given context to the character Wachinianii is playing. Thicccclatina says that the character has DID (dissociative identity disorder) which in real life gives people multiple personalities that will 'front' and take control of the body for a time. Sometimes these personalities are adult, other times systems also contain children. Wachinianii apparently swaps between some characters during RP and apparently this personality is a child.

However, the rest of the conversation shows this character attempting to talk to the child about seeing porn and engaging in sexual activities which still puts the character in the driving seat in a predatory position.

The streamer has put out a three-word statement on the matter so far, "Todo es rol" which translates to "Everything is roleplay" regarding the clip - trying to clarify that his actual personality doesn't reflect these actions. However, some roleplayers are still calling him out.

Some want the streamer to be banned from the RP server - Marbella Vice is the biggest Spanish-speaking roleplay server in GTA. Others want him to be banned from Twitch. Within Twitch's guidelines, there is a line that prohibits "Any nudity, sexual content, sexual violence, or sexual exploitation that involves minors, appears to involve minors, or depictions of minors, or content that encourages or promotes paedophilia". It certainly seems that this occasion of roleplay could fit into bannable content if the staff at Twitch decided roleplay wasn't a good excuse.

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