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Gamer Struck By Lightning Through His Wired Controller

Gamer Struck By Lightning Through His Wired Controller

Wireless really is the future

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

It turns out wireless video game controllers aren't just easier to use and far more convenient - they're also potentially life-saving. One gamer felt the actual sting of lightning last week when a nearby strike sent a shock travelling straight up the wire of his controller.

As reported by WRKN (thanks, Kotaku), the Robertson County, Tennessee man was hit on Saturday evening and immediately called emergency services for assistance. Robertson County Emergency Medical Services confirms that the man's house was indeed struck by lightning, causing his controller to give him a nasty shock.

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Fortunately, the man was okay. Once paramedics arrived they determined he didn't appear injured. After a quick check-up, it was clear there was no serious damage and there was no need to take him to hospital. I imagine he got a second shock when he realised he'd probably have to pay for the ambulance, cos America.

Incredibly, this isn't actually the first time something like this has happened. Just last year, a pro Rocket League player by the name of Karma was struck by lightning through her controller while on stream! You can see that horrifying moment for yourself right here. She still managed to finish the match she was playing though, which is a seriously baller move on her part.

While there's no doubt that being struck by lightning through a controller is far less potentially lethal than getting a full blast of the actual strike itself, I imagine it still hurts a heck of a lot. It was certainly bad enough for this guy to feel he needed to call an ambulance. The moral of this story, if there is one? Next time you're gaming during a thunderstorm, consider unplugging your controller and going wireless if you can. It might just spare you a nasty shock.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel/Nintendo

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