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Dr Disrespect Explains Why Twitch Stars "Have It Easy"

Dr Disrespect Explains Why Twitch Stars "Have It Easy"

“I’m telling you, Twitch streamers don’t even have to try!”

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Guy 'Dr DisRespect' Beahm, a man once suspended from Twitch for streaming from inside an E3 bathroom, has explained why he believes Twitch stars have it easy these days when compared to YouTubers.

Beahm was permanently banned from the Amazon-owned streaming platform last year, losing his four million followers and lucrative exclusivity deal in the process. While it remains unclear what exactly the final straw was for Twitch, Beahm has since moved on to YouTube. He already has close to 3.5 million subscribers over on his new home, and regularly averages hundreds of thousands of views.

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Despite losing Twitch and still somehow managing to find huge success elsewhere, Beahm maintains that he misses how "easy" Twitch was in comparison to YouTube.

"It blows my mind... you don't even have to try on Twitch," Beahm said during a July 26 stream. He went on to use TimtheTatman as an example, arguing: "Literally, he's got 50,000 people watching him watching other people's solo games, and they suck. He's got like 50k viewers! Really, you don't have to try. They have it easy."

The YouTuber added that he really believes "Twitch streamers don't even have to try," before taking aim at the apparent lack of support YouTube provides its biggest streamers with.

Dr Disrespect /

"On YouTube, when I'm streaming, releasing videos, I've got to reach out to my team, I gotta make a whole bunch of calls; [figure out] what's the algorithm today," he said.

"On top of that, I've gotta make sure I'm setting up thumbnails, keywords, YouTube hashtags, and then after all that we still get buried behind games like Minecraft and Roblox. It feels like we're pushed to the side. We're pushed all the way down, deep down into this wannabe community infrastructure, allegedly livestream-focused infrastructure that YouTube has."

Beahm is hardly the first YouTuber to call out inherent issues with the platform's algorithms, with plenty of creators frequently bemoaning the fact that it's getting harder and harder to make a living on the website. Still, as hard as it may well be for Beahm, at least he didn't have to start entirely from scratch. The Dr Disrespect name clearly means something to... some people, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: Dr Disrespect via Twitch

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