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'DOOM: Eternal' Director Thought About Having A Female Doom Slayer

'DOOM: Eternal' Director Thought About Having A Female Doom Slayer

Not just a reskin either - a full new playstyle.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

I don't know about you but most of the time when I hear the word DOOM, I automatically add 'Guy' onto the end. DOOM and Doomguy are almost synonymous as we fight our way through hellish landscapes, but what if it wasn't Doomguy, and instead Doomgirl? According to VGC, the director of DOOM Eternal has thought really hard about changing things up and introducing a female Slayer instead.

According to the report, an Id/Bethesda Twitch stream documents the thoughts of Hugo Martin on the topic of adding in a different protagonist, a female one. It was a process that was actively talked about at Id and although you might think a female Slayer would be nothing but a reskin, it was decided that a change in character would likely call for a change in playstyle too.

Martin says that if they did change the gender of the character, he'd "want it to be lethal. I think it's interesting how it would impact the Glory Kills and the weapons that she would have." And although of course, the game would be the same gory template, the type of personality she would display would be a "different type of aggression."

All-in-all Martin states that a change like that would have to "impact the gameplay in a way that was meaningful". And we want it. We wonder if there ever was a female Slayer, would she follow the same path, be an entirely different character that would intersect a story, or perhaps just an alternative universe name that has an entire title to herself without those topics being broached.

VGC also notes that in the Quake series, The Slayer has fought alongside another armoured individual, Crash, before so it's not completely foreign to think she could be an alternative to Doom Guy. It would be awesome to see the series approach a female protagonist in any case, in part because it'd be nice to see a new set of armour, but another part of me just wants to see what type of weapons she'd get.

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