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Here's Brendan Fraser So Busy Gaming That He Doesn't Notice Interview Has Started

Here's Brendan Fraser So Busy Gaming That He Doesn't Notice Interview Has Started

But what was he playing?

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Brendan Fraser's long-awaited and well-deserved career comeback is one of the most delicious developments of the past few years.

The star of classic adventure movies like The Mummy and George Of The Jungle is quite clearly not just a fine actor, but an impeccable soul. Watching fans celebrate comeback, seeing Fraser's own response to the support and love of those fans... my heart is just so full of love for the guy that I'm not sure I could take another bite. Okay, maybe just one more...

But first, look at Fraser in The Mummy. For my money, he really is one of the finest movie stars in the explored universe.

As if I couldn't appreciate the guy anymore, a new clip of Fraser has surfaced in which he's so immersed in a Nintendo Switch game that he doesn't realise his Zoom call has started.

The 52-year-old actor was waiting to start an online meet-and-greet with fan and YouTuber Scott Lawrence. Fraser is deep in the middle of a Switch game, presumably to pass the time while he waits for the chat to start. Unfortunately, he's so into it that he fails to notice when Lawrence joins the call.

Lawrence attempts to get Fraser's attention, at which point he playfully holds his finger up to indicate that he needs a second to finish his game. There's a pause that seems to last an eternity as Fraser returns to his game, until someone - presumably the PR - speaks up to tell Lawrence they'll take a picture "as soon as Brendan is ready."

This is when Fraser wakes from his reverie and says with what seems to be mock surprise: "What? Oh! Hi Scott."

You can see the whole video for yourself below, but please be aware that Lawrence is a fan and not a professional interviewer. He explains in the YouTube comments that he's been getting a lot of unfair criticism for this "interview" as the clip has been taken out of context.

Unfortunately we never do find out exactly what Fraser was playing in the video. If I had to guess, I'd say Animal Crossing New Horizons. If Brendan Fraser was a video game, he'd be that one.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube via Scott Lawrence / Universal

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