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'Borderlands' Movie Plot Synopsis Revealed Alongside More Cast Announcements

'Borderlands' Movie Plot Synopsis Revealed Alongside More Cast Announcements

Back to Pandora.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Every day I wake up and have to remind myself that a live-action Borderlands movie is actually happening. Not only that, but director Eli Roth has somehow managed to convince the likes of Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black to get involved.

While it's too soon to say whether or not the Borderlands movie will be any good, each casting announcement nudges me more towards optimism. Most recently, Roth confirmed that the legendary Edgar Ramirez (Zero Dark Thirty, Point Break) has been cast as the evil Atlas Corporation's founder. Another fantastic get for the project.

"Atlas has to be a truly magnetic personality, someone with charisma and charm but that air of menace underneath it all," Roth said in a statement (thanks, Deadline). "I've been a fan of Edgar's since his early performances and he continues to amaze me with each dramatic turn. We want to create something wild, fun, and very different from anything they've seen from Edgar before. I am so, so excited to work with him."

Ramirez's casting also dropped alongside the first official synopsis for Borderlands. As expected, the upcoming movie will be more focused on telling a new story rather than adapting any of the games. The long and short of it is that Lilith (Blanchett) comes back to Pandora on a mission to track down Atlas' missing daughter. She'll join up with former mercenary Roland (Hart), and meet the likes of Tiny Tina (Ariana Greenblatt), Krieg (Florian Munteanu), Tannis (Curtis), and Claptrap (Black) along the way.

Borderlands 3 /
2K Games

"These unlikely heroes must battle alien monsters and dangerous bandits to find and protect the missing girl, who may hold the key to unimaginable power," reads a line from the synopsis. "The fate of the universe could be in their hands--but they'll be fighting for something more: each other."

I suspect that the real power will be the friendships they made along the way. Borderlands doesn't have a release date yet, but shooting is expected to commence this year.

Featured Image Credit: 2K Games

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