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Shoplifter Accidentally Rumbled During A Twitch Stream By Bodybuilder

Shoplifter Accidentally Rumbled During A Twitch Stream By Bodybuilder

It's not known whether this clip will be used to identify the person pocketing the items.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Knut Spildrejorde, a fitness streamer with more than 130,000 followers on Twitch, seems to accidently spot a shoplifter while rewatching one of his IRL live streams.

While streaming in IRL, which is one of Twitch's biggest categories, it's evident that almost anything could happen. The clip of Edipereiro microwaving an egg and it exploding right in their face still terrifies me because who knew that eggs could do that. Who knew they could shatter a whole plate if they got hot enough. On the other hand, HoshmandPlays was mugged while walking around New York City and streaming, and he lost the iPad he was using. Knut is a health and fitness streamer, and a lot of his content involves workouts and advice for people to build stamina and strength, but this particular IRL stream took a turn.

In the clip, he's reading out the nutritional value on a pack of frozen pepperoni pizzas while standing in a shop. He's placed the camera on his shopping cart as he does so, which shows off the surroundings. It's a grocery shop, so you'd expect that all eyes would be on him because grocery shops aren't often the most exciting of locales. But, behind him, a person in a black jacket turns and strolls casually up the aisle, pocketing the item in their hands. While reviewing the clip, Knut is elated with this person's perceived conspicuousness "He's actually yoinking!" he shouted and laughed. "Look at him coming around the corner, walking in. Yoink."

The person clocks the camera as they walk by, either showing that they've realised they've been rumbled or that they've noticed that's quite a high-end camera to bring to a grocery shop. Of course, in the moment, Knut is unaware of the events that occurred behind him and we aren't able to tell for certain whether this person was stealing. It's possible that Knut has been asked to be involved in an investigation to find this person, as he's got the footage that may well prove a crime has taken place.

Knut is no stranger to controversy. In 2019, he was temporarily suspended from his account as he was streaming while driving with a backpack on his lap which is not only dangerous but also against the community guidelines for content. In addition, he was banned from Twitch for a "heavily unmoderated chat" during a stream where two transgender sex workers were invited to a poker game. "I don't look over 40. I identify as 25, but my biology says 33. So if you are mis-aging me, I'll get you banned," he said. "I feel 25. It's just a social construction being a certain age. Because math is socially constructed." His apology focused on the chat being the reason for the ban, and said that he wanted to "sincerely apologise to those that are uncomfortable with or offended by what happened."

Featured Image Credit: Knut via Twitch

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