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'Battlefield 2042' New Mode Basically Sounds Like 'Escape From Tarkov' With Classic Maps

'Battlefield 2042' New Mode Basically Sounds Like 'Escape From Tarkov' With Classic Maps

Sounds good to us

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Battlefield 2042 is currently in the middle of a super-secret closed beta ahead of its October launch. As is the case with any sneak-preview, those who gain entry first have to agree to certain embargoes in regards to what they can - and more crucially cannot - say about what they've played.

Predictably, some are already breaking these embargoes and gleefully sharing information online. A number of gameplay clips have already started doing the rounds on social media, and now a datamine of the beta has uncovered details of the upcoming shooter's mysterious Hazard Zone. Based on what's been found, this new addition to the Battlefield series sounds like it'll be borrowing a lot from hardcore FPS Escape From Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown.

Take a look at (official) Battlefield 2042 gameplay below!

In Escape From Tarkov, players essentially have to manage resources and fight off rival players and NPCs alike to reach an extraction point. There's a heavy focus on realism, and fans have come to love the brutal nature of the game. Hunt: Showdown shares a lot of similar traits, but there are typically more objectives to complete on the way to extraction. Battlefield 2042's Hazard Zone, it seems, will fall somewhere between the two.

The datamine reveals Hazard Zone will be playable on most of the maps that Battlefield 2042 launches with. Players will need to explore, collecting intel from data drives while trying to survive and make it to the extraction. Certain points of interest and AI-controlled bosses will also reward useful gear and perks.

It'll certainly be interesting to see how DICE implements this style of play across such large maps. Hopefully the developer unveils more ahead of the game's official launch on October 22.

Featured Image Credit: DICE

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