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'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Just Banned Another 30,000 Cheaters

'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Just Banned Another 30,000 Cheaters

Raven Software confirms that another 30,0000 cheaters have been banned

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Activision has just set off another ban wave that's eliminated a mighty 30,000 cheaters in Call of Duty Warzone, so your games might be a touch less annoying now - and it doesn't sound like Raven Software's wrath on hackers is done yet.

Cheaters are a problem in pretty much any online game. Wallhacks, aimbot, invincibility glitches, and more aren't unique to Warzone but when Activision is running one of the biggest shooters ever made, the number of hackers is going to be like a cockroach infestation to deal with. I mean remember how bad it was to play Fall Guys last year? Some people just like to wreak havoc online.

Talk to any Warzone players and they'll probably be able to tell you that they've seen hackers in the game which is why it might come as a relief to hear that 30,000 players have been penalised for cheats, according to PC Gamer.

Activision confirmed to the team with the original report that there were over 30,000 accounts banned with the current wave - which means it's likely that around 100,000 accounts have been banned this year from the game. That's a lot, right? And from the tweet Raven Software put out to announce the wave, it sounds like the team are working hard to identify more cheaters as soon as possible.

However, although this banning process might be a deterrent for gamers who have bought products within the game, skins, emblems, operators etc, if you're just playing Warzone without any of that, it's really easy for cheaters to jump back into a game almost immediately by using a new email account and other hacking software if Activision tags the hardware the player is using.

It's no doubt, frustrating for many people involved in playing the famous FPS. Unless you're a hacker yourself, it's no fun to lose a game just because some a-hole wants a better KDA on their profile. And other developers like Riot have had a fair share of criticism of harder-hitting anti-cheat software like Vanguard too - a program that has really messed with its fair share of PCs since Valorant's release.

It's a hard time as a developer to work out how to fix such a massive problem with your game, but Activision and Raven Software seem to thankfully be working on it.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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