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Gamers insist replaying the same story-based games is never a waste of time

Gamers insist replaying the same story-based games is never a waste of time

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Do you replay story-based games? Plays over on Reddit are debating how we replay certain games over others and whether it's worth the time at all.

For me, I rarely replay narrative adventures, even with the option of New Game+. It's usually because there are so many games coming out or on my backlog that I can't find the time, though there are definitely some games I'd love to replay, like Ghost of Tsushima or Marvel's Spider-Man.

Don't forget, it's only a few days until Marvel's Spider-Man 2 releases

A user has taken to Reddit to pose a situation and ponder why, "I don't understand why some people say that replaying story-based games is useless." The user, u/Cinder-22 mentions how they've replayed Final Fantasy 7 repeatedly and "never find it boring".

Of course, the replies poured in, with some people admitting they have no time to replay games, and others saying they do it often. "Some people must have newest and best. Others like warmth and even nostalgia" says u/Pa11Ma, who hits the nail on the head. Many people who revisit a favourite tend to do so out of comfort. A comment from u/MistressAthena69 admits "I don't get it either honestly. It's like saying you won't watch your favourite movie again." Though this is retorted somewhat by another user who says "Rewatching a movie is 3.5 hours, tops. Replaying a story driven game is 30+."

While many are agreeing that replaying a story isn't a waste, there is a large group who believe there are too many new games to try out, or feel that "the fun/excitement comes from the building of the story! And that you only get once from playing."

At a point where we have several amazing games releasing every month, it's really tough to keep up and still replay your favourites, but for those who want the comfort of another 200 hours in Red Dead Redemption 2 or Witcher 3, it's nice to have the option.

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