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Gamer's high-end PC bursts into flames after just two weeks

Gamer's high-end PC bursts into flames after just two weeks

One gamer on Reddit has shared a clip of their PC burning on the floor after it apparently caught fire just two weeks after getting it.

One Reddit user took to the r/pcmasterrace subreddit yesterday to share a terrifying clip of their PC in flames, just two weeks after getting it.

Sandernote809 claims that they heard some loud popping noises before their room filled with smoke. Thankfully, they had some extinguishers on hand to keep the situation from spiralling too out of control, but it still got very dangerous, very fast.

According to the user, their PC has been totally destroyed as a result of the fire - you can see the damage in the video below. Be warned though, the clip is very loud due to an alarm ringing in the background, so bring your volume down before clicking on it.

“I was working in Unity early in the morning and I [heard] a couple loud pops and my room filled with smoke. I ripped the PC from the wall to unplug everything that’s why it was sitting in the middle of the room,” Sandernote809 explained. “I [ran] downstairs to the kitchen and [grabbed] a fire extinguisher[,] when I got back upstairs my entire carpet was in flames[,] used that to put that out[,] my dad [ran] in with the second extinguisher which did not function[,] we grabbed the third and final one that’s where I started filming.

“The PC was a custom prebuilt from Origin PC. The power supply unit was Corsair RM850x and the PC was only about two weeks old.”

Based on the Reddit thread, it doesn’t seem as though the user knows what started the fire. They added in the replies that their hand was apparently “severely burnt” from unplugging the PC. “There’s no possible way you would be able to pick this up safely even with oven mitts or gloves[,] by the time the second fire extinguisher was in the room there was fire coming out of every crevice of that computer,” they wrote.

Featured Image Credit: sandernote809 via Reddit

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