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Gamer's Collection Gets Eaten By Dog, But Bethesda Saves The Day

Gamer's Collection Gets Eaten By Dog, But Bethesda Saves The Day

One Reddit user has gone from being the most unlucky, to the luckiest gamer on the website, after receiving special gifts from Bethesda.

We’ve all had some gaming-related disaster happen that we’re never going to emotionally recover from, haven’t we? Whether a sibling overwrote one of your save files, or you just straight-up lost one of your favourite games somewhere (I swear everyone who owned a Nintendo DS has done that at least once), it’s a kind of pain that well and truly hits different. 

Well, perhaps no one has felt that pain worse than Reddit user freddytylerpaul, who last month shared a soul-crushing video showing the aftermath of their dog’s ruthless attack on their video game collection. The clip shows the remains of shredded copies of Skyrim and Halo amongst others - no game was safe.

However, this story actually has a happy ending, and has managed to restore some of my faith in Reddit being a good place, sometimes. In an update post, the same user shared that the Bethesda team had actually reached out to them to help make up for the damage. 

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“So almost all of my games were ripped and torn to shreds by my dog last month. Jason and the Bethesda Team reached out to me to help me replace some of those games with a new signed cover-art and other rad pieces,” they wrote. “Absolutely blown away by this. You guys are amazing!” 

Amongst the goodies are brand new copies of Skyrim, DOOM (2016) and Fallout 4, as well as a really cool Doom Slayer figurine. Definitely best of all though is the special signed cover for DOOM, as well as a thank-you note from the team. 

Other users in the thread were really happy for OP: “Dude all those autographs and a hand written note, very cool! Big ups to Bethesda!” commented Jabba_the_Putt. “Great company and all great people there,” replied freddytylerpaul.

On the other hand, some wanted to see if Reddit might be able to work its magic for them, too: “Well f**k. My dog ate my house and bank account with $284,420,384.69 in it,” wrote A1EYEDM0NSTER. Hey, it was worth a shot.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, KC Green

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