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Gamers agree you're never, ever too old to play video games

Gamers agree you're never, ever too old to play video games

You're never too old to play video games and gamers agree

You’re never too old to play video games, I don’t care what anyone says. On the flip side, you may be too young to play video games such as a toddler playing Grand Theft Auto or Mortal Kombat. So stick to Bluey and Pepper Pig, child!

I’m old enough to have been blessed with many video game generations. Put it this way, I’m old enough to remember the screeching tapes of the Spectrum 128k and Commodore Amiga 1200 that would most likely crash at 90% loading, resulting in you having to restart the torment all over again. If you know, you know.

Check out the SCUF Reflex Pro trailer below!

I don't think I’ll ever grow out of playing video games and I believe that I’ll only stop when I’m physically not able. To this day, I still manage to cram in a questionable amount of hours on my Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 between family and work life. I honestly believe there is no better way to wind them down than to immerse yourself in the world of video games. Sure, you eventually may not be quite as good as you once were, such as being owned by my 12-year-old son in online multiplayer shooters, but I can still hold my own. That being said, the ultimate goal is to have fun and at the end of the day, that’s what playing video games is all about, no matter your age.

With that in mind, a 41-year-old gamer on Reddit has questioned whether he is too old to play video games. The short answer to that already-established question is no. You’re not too old my seasoned gaming enthusiast and the Reddit thread was unsurprisingly in support.

“I am 41-years-old. My wife recently bought me a PlayStation 5 for my birthday. I have been playing four games recently. Three of them are MLB The Show, Call of Duty and UFC5. I am horrible at all three. I'm not having fun, but only for the reason that I get dominated. Today the AI pitched a no-hitter to me on Rookie difficulty. I went 2 and 27 on Call of Duty, and I got beat three consecutive times in my second fight on UFC5 Career Mode on Easy. I have been playing video games since 1988 or 1989. This is pathetic,” said a downbeat Nmofpuppets21.

“Thanks for reading. I think I'm done. In the games I used to find fun, I got absolutely dominated. If anyone has any advice I would gladly take it. A different controller, different settings, different games...anything,” he continued.

“Play some open-world games and crank down the difficulty till you dominate! Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West, Ghost of Tsushima, The Witcher 3, and Red Dead Redemption 2 are all big fun games that look great on the PS5,” said an inspiring Bechimo. “Also, I’m 66 and bought the PS5 just for Horizon Forbidden West. Never give up, never surrender.”

“I'm 52 and this is the answer. I was never much into competitive multiplayer games anyway, but with two kids and a full work schedule the time I do get to play, I want it to be memorable,” replied Several-Archer4786. “These giant single-player open-world games with good story-driven narratives have kept me playing. I would also add The Last of Us series as a must-play.”

“I’m the same at 58, I play a lot of GTA Online, where I just enjoy driving around and parachuting from one end of the map to the other, having fun avoiding other players,” said Oldefinger. “I’ll spend 20 minutes or so doing that to relax before dinner, or at the end of the night. I also play with the Rockstar Editor a lot. I love making little movies.”

If by any chance Nmofpuppets21 is reading this, keep going. Sometimes it might take a while to get warmed up, but eventually, you will get there and your reflexes will improve whether you’re playing the likes of Call of Duty online or just chilling with a single-player story. There are a couple of controllers that might be able to help when playing on PS5 such as the SCUF Reflex and Nacon Pro controllers. They won't work miracles, but in my experience, they at least help a little.

As Reddit user Bechimo puts it best, never give up, never surrender. You got this!

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment/Konami

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