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Gamer Thinks They've Bought Steam Deck For $15 After Price "Bug", Gets Roasted Appropriately

Gamer Thinks They've Bought Steam Deck For $15 After Price "Bug", Gets Roasted Appropriately

How do people like this exist?

There’s two options to choose from when it turns out you’re wrong about something. You can either back down gracefully, accept defeat and learn from the experience to become a better version of yourself. Or alternatively, you could go full tilt and stick to your guns, looking like a bonafide idiot in the process.

One gamer has defiantly chosen the latter, and made themselves look like a prized turnip in front of the whole internet. Doubling down on the fact that they have been able to pick up one of Valve’s shiny new Steam Deck handheld computers for the very reasonable price of $15. Okay then.

Not sure how the heck a Steam Deck works? Check this out and clue yourself in. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anybody you watched it.

Posted on the subreddit r/Steam, user GroovyTrout shared a screenshot of a Steam account that thinks they managed to pick up the console for $15, proudly exclaiming that they’d found a bug and exploited it, ripping their friend who paid “like $500 for one.” It was then pointed out to our hapless hero that what they’d actually bought was a game called HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed On A SteamDeck. You can see the confusion.

Instead of accepting defeat when this was pointed out, the person said “no, the picture clearly states they are verified Steam Deck sellers, it is a price bug it happens sometimes.” Naturally, they have been completely roasted in the comments on the subreddit, with WalternateB joking, “these people are why you see disclaimers like ‘dog not included’ when buying a leash.” 

Who knows though, maybe this person will get the last laugh and we’ll all end up with egg on our faces. Just to be on the safe side I’m going to go buy a copy of HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed On A SteamDeck. Wouldn’t want to look like a fool, you know?

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