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Gamer orders £450 Xbox, gets bag of cat litter

Gamer orders £450 Xbox, gets bag of cat litter

One man from the UK ordered a new Xbox Series X only to receive a 10-litre bag of cat litter.

If you’re into video games, chances are it’s a medium that’s left you feeling disappointed on occasion. Perhaps a game just didn’t live up to your expectations. Maybe you were super excited for a new title only for it to be exclusive to a specific console. Of course, there’s also the crushing disappointment that comes with dying in any game.

The point is, it’s a sensation that we’ve unfortunately become accustomed to and yet, I don’t think anyone could prepare for the unfortunate debacle this man found himself in. One gamer ordered a £450 Xbox yet received a bag of cat litter - I’m not kitten you.

Take a look at this filthy Xbox 360 being faithfully restored.

As reported by Metro, 33-year-old Matthew Tonkin from Southampton, UK, was left feeling understandably gutted when a 10-litre bag of cat litter turned up on his doorstep instead of the £450 Xbox Series X he’d ordered from Amazon. Matthew explained, “At first, I was excited because I’d finally got the Xbox. I should’ve known [when the box arrived] as the one they showed me at GAME was twice the size. When I opened it, I just laughed, it was so ridiculous.”

Unfortunately for Matthew, it wasn’t an easy mistake to resolve either. Over several days, Matthew exchanged emails with Amazon, providing photos of the cat litter to prove that an Xbox hadn’t been delivered. He said, “It wasn’t like I made a £10 purchase. If it was socks or something I’d be like, ‘Ah, don’t worry about it.’ [They] sent me kitty litter and I’ve just spent almost £450 on an Xbox.”

Amazon have since said, “We’ve been in contact with the customer directly, apologised and a full refund is being processed,” which seems to suggest that Matthew is still without an Xbox. The joys of online shopping, huh? I once got sent an empty cardboard box. To prove the item didn’t arrive, I had to send a photo of the empty box - bit of an anecdote for you.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft, Meme

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