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FPS Developer Replaces Blood Effects With Semen Following Fan Complaints

FPS Developer Replaces Blood Effects With Semen Following Fan Complaints

Following a number of complaints about indie game Selaco's unusual blood colours, one developer has produced a mod to 'fix' things.

Indie games, and their developers, are very cool. That’s not to say AAA titles aren’t, of course, but indies tend to be a bit more experimental - doing things out of the ordinary both in terms of gameplay, story concepts, and art style, just because they can. The same goes for modders- the power to take a unique idea and make it reality is undeniably neat.

With great power comes great responsibility, though, and just because you can do something, doesn’t always mean you should. Given the headline of this article, I’m sure you already know exactly what I’m on about. That’s right, the internet is behaving as the internet does, to the surprise of absolutely no one.

Before we get into this very not wholesome news, why not take a look at the trailer for the adorable indie title Stray?

As reported by Kotaku, the retro Doom-inspired shooter Selaco, from Altered Orbit Studios, has been causing a bit of a stir in the gaming community for some time now, for a rather odd reason - the colour of the blood. For some reason, people have been upset that the blood isn’t always red - it can be a number of different colours, including pink and purple, depending on the enemy you’re fighting. God forbid that the gamers have to go without realistic gore. 

In response to the complaints, a different Doom-like FPS developer, Metacorp, decided to release a mod for the game which ‘fixes’ the issue. It also arguably adds significantly more problems: “For everyone put off by the blood colour in @SelacoGame. I’ve made a mod to address this. It's called ‘Selacoom.’ You're welcome,” they wrote on Twitter.

As you can see, it’s exactly as you’d expect - completely and utterly cursed. Naturally, people are loving it: “'Experience the explosive climax that is Selaco's gunplay’,” wrote @mmofallout. “Sh*t like this why I love the internet,” tweeted @MisterBolticus_.

If you want to try Selaco out for yourself (with or without questionable mods), a demo is available now on Steam, with a full release planned for 2255. No, that’s not a typo, that’s actually what it says. Patience will be required with this one, clearly. 

Featured Image Credit: Nickelodeon, Altered Orbit Studios/ @sunset_city_rpg via Twitter

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