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'Fortnite' Is Teasing An 'Elden Ring' Crossover, Because Nothing Is Sacred

'Fortnite' Is Teasing An 'Elden Ring' Crossover, Because Nothing Is Sacred

According to a leaked survey, two fan-favourite Elden Ring characters could be coming to Fortnite as guest skins in the future.

Ah, Fortnite. Love it or hate it, there’s no room for debate when it comes to how massive of a deal this free-to-play battle royale is - it’s very easily one of the biggest games out there when it comes to its player count and influence. The amount of children you can spot in the wild, bouncing along and doing various Fortnite dances is enough to tell you that.

Over the years, the game has seen various video game and movie characters, as well as celebrities and streamers, added as guest skins, because what’s the point in playing something where you can’t be Ariana Grande? Now, as reported by Screen Rant, it seems we’ve gotten a big hint as to who’s going to be dropping from the Battle Bus next.

I wasn't kidding about Ariana Grande - take a look at the Fortnite trailer featuring her below.

One Fortnite rumour tracker, Twitter user @ShiinaBR, has shared what they claim to be a survey, recently sent out by Epic Games to players. It lists a huge amount of characters from various shows, movies, comics and games (as well as more celebrities and brands), including none other than two fan-favourite Elden Ring characters - Iron Fist Alexander and Melina.

The user claims that these surveys have previously revealed upcoming collaborations in the game, so if it’s true, it seems there’s a very good chance that these two will be making their way over from the Lands Between. Alongside Jack Black, Anakin Skywalker, Lady Dimitrescu and Rihanna, apparently. 

On one hand, it’s slightly difficult to imagine any FromSoftware characters added into the far more colourful, cheery universe of Fortnite, but given just how popular Elden Ring is, it’s really not at all surprising that Epic Games would try to include it, somehow. It’s just an incredibly cursed thought to imagine Melina doing the default dance, but that’s a reality that may soon be upon us. Brace yourselves.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco, Epic Games

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