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First Footage Of White Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Surfaces Online

First Footage Of White Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Surfaces Online

Footage of what seems to be an unannounced white Elite Series 2 controller has surfaced - it's not currently known if it's actually real.

Gaming controllers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours, and even sounds, apparently. Last week, Xbox opened up a sweepstakes competition on Twitter for people to be in with a chance of winning a bright red controller with “bad decisions” emblazoned on the front - the kicker being that it also sings Snoop Dogg, benny blanco and BTS’ latest collaboration. I can imagine that getting very distracting, very fast.

Anyway, as reported by VGC, a video has emerged online showing off what appears to be the very first white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. The regular Elite Series 2 wireless controller first released back in 2019, solely in black (not counting the limited edition Halo version), and was professed to be “the world’s most advanced controller”, boasting adjustable-tension thumbsticks, interchangeable thumbstick and paddle shapes, the ability to assign voice commands to buttons, and more. 

Take a look at this awesome creation process of a carbon fibre Xbox controller below.

These things are still really pricey to this day - they’ll cost you in the range of £150 ($180), so it’s not exactly an investment to make lightly, and you’d really think that there’d be more colour options available. 

So then, meet this mysterious white edition. We don’t currently know if this is even real (although it definitely looks it), and if so, if it’s a cancelled product, or something yet to be announced. Personally, I definitely prefer the regular version, but it’s always good to have more options. 

Assuming that this is a controller we’ll be able to get our hands on soon, it also remains to be seen if there’ll be any other colours available - it seems like it’d be a great opportunity to expand the line-up. Go big or go home, right?

Featured Image Credit: Wu Yi, Max Andrey via Unsplash

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